The world's most famous proffessional gamer-

Vizsion was choosen to bring forth his vision for
Fatal1ty’s new eCommerce website.

Fatal1ty and Creative Labs sell the most popular computer gaming headset in the world. With over 250,000 units shipped a year from all major outlets including Best Buy, WalMart, and GameStop. Fatal1ty is endorsed by Creative Labs, OCZ, and AsRock selling motherboards, headsets, and power supplies to millions of gaming enthusiasts.


Advanced web applications drive
the future of eCommerce

Build a better application and increase your market share. Vizsion has been working with the latest technologies in WebGL and mobile platforms to bring forth the most cutting edge eCommerce web technology. View our demo of our fully functional WebGL fashion shirt rendering proof of concept. Compatible with all mobile and web browser platforms, this technology can render 3d objects in real time and produce amazing results.

Check out the demo here
WEBDESIGN   >>  Rake-Engine  >>
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Technical Knowledge , Power
and Award Winning Design.

Rake-Engine.com was developed to provide a client side portal for a 2 million dollar a year poker affiliate business. Data is congregated from over 20+ poker sites. Because none of the poker sites would provide XML feeds or APIs, we had to build a custom scraping application which would collect this data and then report only the data pertinent to each client in an easy to use UI.

DATABASE APPLICATIONS   >>  Albert Ramirez Bail Bonds  >>

Building Complex Transactional Platforms That Stand the
Test of Time.

We designed and coded the backend bail tracking system for Albert Ramirez Bail Bonds, which is one of the largest bail bondsman working in the industry. Our system was designed and implemented in the early 90’s – then cutting edge technology. The system was built to track hundreds of millions of dollars of bail bonds liability. Our system was so well designed, that over 20 years later, it is still used as the primary system to track the liability of this multi-million dollar business.

REAL WORLD CONTROL   >>   Robotics & Industrial  >>

Designing, Creating and Implementing Robotic Industrial Solutions.

In the late 80’s - the fabled days before Internet -- We were charged with designing, architecting, and coding whole projects for clients. We programmed and implemented advanced temperature controls for large industrial food processing, a cutting edge hydro-static drive used to power motorized vehicles and wheelchairs, and state-of-the-art factory automation. We also designed proposed solutions for electric cars and mass networked coin op systems. The experience we gained from being involved intimately in all levels of product and solutions in the real-world give us an ability to craft more advanced technical solutions for your business.

RETAIL EXPERIENCES   >>   Consumer Experiences  >>

Making Relationships With Your Brand More Interactive and Rewarding.

Today consumers are becoming increasingly more connected through different digital touch- points, and it is up to retailers to use these opportunities to connect with their clients. Let Vizsion make relationships with your brand more rewarding, interactive, and fun than ever before by building you a unique consumer experience. Our touch screen and point-of-sale services will help you personalize interactions and drive higher purchase frequency and basket size. We will help you speak to, and make an impression on, today's highly mobile consumer. The feedback from these digital sources can help you better understand why people are buying, and how to adjust your initiatives to best accommodate those trends.